7th november 2020
In Reykjavík
In Taipei
Angels' Eyes
In Taipei
In [sync] :
A state in which multiple people, or things, move/happen at the same time and speed.
Out-of-[Sync] :
An immersive installation that reconnects people in times when little moves and not much happens.

Connecting without connecting flights

In a world rendered out-of-sync, we invite you to an experiment to sync experiences and compare notes. Together with musician Hermigervill and performers Lin Sulian and Jian Shihan, Out-of-Sync connects Iceland and Taiwan: two islands // two approaches // two realities.
The audiences in the venues in Reykjavik and Taipei are connected through video, sound and performance to share their current event realities during the Pandemic. The rest of the world is invited to join through a VR rendered live stream.

Safe space

Join the event in the proximity that you feel most comfortable with: On-site in Mengi, FUL Taipei or in your own safe zone online. The installation will be held in accordance with the current COVID health & safety regulations in Iceland, masks and disinfection obligatory on-site.


In 2020, the unity of performance, physical space and community was broken when countries imposed regulations on mobility and proximity in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Physical distancing shakes the space-related cultural sector at its core and raises questions to the meaning of space for the sense of community.

No man is an island

“Whom to invite into your safe space?” is the question of 2020, asked by individuals and nations alike in an attempt to balance the trade between the outside world and the world within. In this, the physical isolation of island states catalyzes the impact of regulations on mobility onto our daily experience.
Iceland is currently in a state of emergency with heavy gathering restrictions. Performance art in Covid times resembles a surgical theater in which the masked audience silently observes the artist at work in safe distance. The island balances local measures with the exchange with the outside world.
At the same time, Taiwan is one of the few countries that is considered Covid free. In closing itself off from the rest of the world, strict health and border policies have allowed Taiwan's cultural life to reflourish and become an isolated social oasis in an otherwise desolated global cultural landscape.
How can we enjoy global artistic input from international artists that have been deprived of their artistic endeavours?

Join the conversation

In merging these realities, we create space for discussion and voices from different parties involved: What are the trade-offs of trades for the local cultural scene? How can the arts be effectively funded in times of crises? What events are possible? How can the development of new event formats be supported? How can event planning in changing restrictions be supported? How can artists create outreach in times of crises? How can we optimize the use of existing resources in times of scarcity?
The event is connected to ongoing research at the Institute for Sustainability Studies at the University of Iceland. The project looks at the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic on the cultural sector in Iceland, with special focus on space-related performances and explores needs and possibilities of the arts moving forward in these unprecedented times.
The event was generously funded by the NORDRESS NSSA Academy and the Nordic Culture Fund PULS.

The Team

The installation is a collaboration between researchers, storytellers, visualizers and space makers in Iceland, the UK and Taiwan.
Concept and Organization: Aephi Huimi, Rene Boonekamp, Uta Reichardt
Musician: Hermigervill
Performers: Lin SuLian and Chien ShihHan
Project manager and Technician in Taipei: Ying Ting Yeh
Visual Effects and Technician in Reykjavík: Owen Hindley, Yuli Levtov
Graphic design: Ting Cheng
Web programmer: Alexandra Mjöll Young
Photography: Patrik Ontkovic
Installation assistants: Rakel Sigurðardóttir and Salóme Katrín Magnúsdóttir